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Pool Safety Inspections
Pool Safety Inspections

Pool Safety Inspections Central Coast

Getting a pool on your property means that you are going to be accountable for it and ensure its complete safety. Did you know that if you are planning to rent or sell a house with a pool in it, it would require certification? This certification is intended to show your clients that your pool has been reviewed, certified, and registered. Having a pool in your backyard can offer several benefits. For a start, it is a great source of the party, comfort, relaxation, and a fantastic summer barbeque. However, it is mandatory for pool owners to pay attention to pool safety too. Pool owners should comply with all kinds of pool safety regulations. Pools require regular maintenance and repairs in order to extend their lifespan.

If you are a pool owner, it is your responsibility to know all the specific regulations that you must follow. One of these rules is having a pool fence and gates that are compliant with government rules. Once you have a proper barrier installed, your pool should undergo pool safety inspections and get the repairs done if essential.

Reliable and Honest Pool Safety Inspector on Central Coast

However, if you fail to comply with the required inspection or arrange pool inspections, you can end up with serious penalties. We recommend you have it inspected for the safety of your own loved ones. At Premier Property, we highly qualified inspectors who can offer comprehensive pool safety inspections report on Central Coast to meet your needs.  

  • How Safe Do You Think is Your Pool or Spa?

Did you pay for a building and pest inspection, but have forgotten about the Jacuzzi, pool, or spa in your backyard? Don't be worried! Get us out to have your pool inspected for peace of mind. We provide comprehensive pre-purchase pool inspections before you agree to buy the house. We provide in-depth pool inspection report that comply with australian goverment pool fence regulation based on Central Coast

Local councils may charge you 50 penalty units or even $7200 if you are not complying with the pool safety rules.

  • Are You an Agent or Landlord – Wants to Have Your Pool Inspected?

The only way to determine if your landlord or agency is fully protected from any claims or lawsuits is a thorough inspection of the pool by a registered building inspector. The new residential property lease highlights the obligation of a property manager to make the landlord aware of the conditions for compliance with the Pool Barrier.

We examine all existing swimming pools and spas across Central Coast under the mandatory pool safety inspections standard for maintenance. If your pool/spa barrier complies with New South Wales regulations on pool fencing, you will be granted a certificate on the same day.

New South Wales Regulations stipulate that a pool must have restricted access at all times. It should not be limited to just any time of the day. The only way you can assure the complete safety of your pool is by having fencing installed.

In Australia, every state has its own set of rules, but the underlying concepts remain the same. In New South Wales, pool fencing regulations were developed on the same safety standards applicable to all cities and towns in New South Wales, including Central Coast.

For reliable and efficient pool safety inspection reports across Central Coast, call us now! We are always available to help you out!