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Building Defect Report
Building Defect Report

Building Defect Report Central Coast

Our efficient building defect reports are regularly being used in the industry by renowned real estates and independent home owners to address isolated issues such as water damage, leaked balconies, overheating switchboards and other maintenance reports.

Premier Property Reports have been offering building defect reports to the owners of property or strata managers for many years across Central Coast on the basis of construction safety and quality problems that occurred within more or less than 6 years after the completion of the construction work or, more recently, where there is a suspected unfinished work and/or defect during the construction process or around the plausible delivery period.

The benefits of our building defects inspection report are to provide you with an impartial analysis report, which can then be sent to the Contractor for correction of defects or unfinished work completion. We assure:

  • Value for money services
  • Qualified and experienced staffs
  • Cutting edge technology for proficient assessment
  • Exceptional service
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